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:: 10.31.2004 ::

"it's been a long time, since i left you...without a dope beat to step to."

well, i'm back like Ma$e and I'm hoping in the coming weeks to get this comic strip back off the ground and running again. The website probably needs some revamping as well. So be sure to tell your friends and neighbors that Ted's World is back.

:: ted 23:54 [+] ::
:: 6.17.2004 ::
comic updated. all the links are busted. will be fixed tomorrow. now i'm off to slumberville. population: me.
:: ted 00:11 [+] ::
:: 5.18.2004 ::
new comic posted. links will be updated shortly.
:: ted 00:56 [+] ::
:: 4.28.2004 ::
New Comic Posted. I was back home in Texas over the past weekend and must say it was great to be home and out of Lost Angeles for a bit. Unfortunately my Rockets are losing even though they should be up 3-1 in the series. We'll see what happens in Game 5. I think the good guys are gonna pull this one out.

But don't take my word for it! BA-DA-DUN! (<---bonus points if anyone can tell me what that's a reference to.)

:: ted 00:32 [+] ::
:: 4.13.2004 ::
New comic posted. Some of the links need to be fixed - those will be done in 24 hours. Also, a friend of mine and a current student at my alma mater, Brown University, does some great comics for the campus paper, the Brown Daily Herald. Check out his stuff at: http://www.ehacomics.com/. The link can also be found on the "Links" page.

And if you are so moved, please click on the link at the very bottom of the page to vote for this comic in this silly comic ranking thing I'm in. I promise it won't cost you money or give you a computer virus, but it may boost the self esteem of a young chinese kid from houston: yao ming.....i mean, ted wu.


:: ted 00:41 [+] ::

CHINESE KID ADVICE OF THE DAY: Celebrate Good Times...C'mon!




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